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Below is the list of all our articles. They are categorised broadly into six sections: “General Information on Mormonism”, articles for investigators of the Mormon Church, “If you are a Latter-day Saint” for Mormon friends, a website “Mormons in transition E-mail Support Group”, “If you wish to witness to Latter-day Saints”, and miscellaneous articles. We will be expanding this page as this website ministry continues to progress.

Japanese Articles


 1 なぜモルモン教会はキリスト教ではない?Why the Mormon church is not christian

 2 なぜモルモン教会から脱会?Why we left the Mormon church

 3 モルモン教徒の恋人をお持ちのあなたへ Are you in love with a Mormon

 4 教会の行事にモルモン教徒をどう歓迎すべか?How should we welcome Mormons to our church activities?

 5 家族は永遠に一緒にいることができるのか? Are families forever?

 6 モルモン教の魅力的な教えは本当に真実か?Are the Mormon teachings you find attractive actually true?

 7 イエスはほかの教会を攻撃をしなかったのに、どうして、モルモン教会を攻撃するのか? Jesus didnt attack other churches - Why do you do this?

 8 霊的真理をどのように判断すべきか?How should we determine spirtual truth?

 9 福音とは: 私たちの罪の許しのためのイエスの死と体の復活のメッセージ」それとも「モルモン教会のすべての教え、律法と儀式へ従うこと」?The Gospel: Jesus & Death and ressurectopm or teachings of Mormon church

 10 イエス・キリスト:被造物それとも創造主Jesus Christ:creature or Creator?

 11 天:複数の天はあるのか?Heaven: Is there more than one Heaven?

 12 地獄:一時的な苦しみの場所それとも永遠の刑罰の場所? 私たちは死ぬとどうなるのでしょう?Hell: the temporary abode of suffering or a place of eternal punishment

 13 「死後のセカンドチャンス」はあるのか?A second chance to hear the gospel

 14 罪の赦し:「正義」対「憐れみ」?Forgiveness of sins - Justice or mercy?

 15 完全になることは到達可能な目標か?Is Perfection an acheivable goal?