What We Believe

Who we are
First and foremost we are Christians. Christians are people who, by God's grace, have turned to trust in Jesus Christ as both Lord and Saviour. We meet together as the church to relate with God and with one another. We listen to God as the Bible is read, explained and applied. We talk to God in prayer. We lovingly encourage one another to respond to God in faithful obedience. We also meet in small groups, and seek to express God's love in practical ways through out the week. We are committed to Christ's mission of making disciples of all nations. We believe this happens through the prayerful preaching of the gospel (about Jesus) in the context of loving personal relationships.

What we believe
Our theological position is reformed, evangelical, and protestant as reflected in the creeds and 39 articles of the Anglican Church. We believe tha t salvation is by grace alone. We are sinful and undeserving of anything from God except his wrath. However, because of his great mercy, on account of Jesus death and resurrection, we can repent and be forgiven. Yet even this is the work of God. We believ e that salvation is by Christ alone. There is only one mediator between us and God - the man Jesus Christ. He is God's unique, sufficient and abundant provision for us. Scripture alone is our supreme and sufficient authority in all matters of faith and do ctrine. The Bible is God's revelation to us, the means by which he speaks. It is inseparable from God (who's word it is), Christ (whom it is about & who is himself the Word become flesh) and the Holy Spirit (who both inspired the Bible and enlightens the h earer/reader). We believe in faith alone as the required response to God's grace in Christ. Obedience in no way contributes to salvation, but necessarily flows from it.