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Below is the list of all our articles. They are categorised broadly into six sections: “General Information on Mormonism”, articles for investigators of the Mormon Church, “If you are a Latter-day Saint” for Mormon friends, a website “Mormons in transition E-mail Support Group”, “If you wish to witness to Latter-day Saints”, and miscellaneous articles. We will be expanding this page as this website ministry continues to progress.

 [A]   Letters of Urgency


[B]  General Information on  Mormonism

 1   Frequently Asked Questions on Mormonism (

Utah Lighthouse Ministry’ General Information FAQ section deals with their most frequent questions and answers about Mormonism

 2  Terminological Differences between Mormonism and the Bible

[C]  Are you investigating the LDS Church?

[D]  Are you Latter-day Saints?

 [E]    Where to from Mormonism?

 1   Beyond Mormon (

“Beyond Mormon is a FREE discussion forum sponsored by the Institute for Religious Research.”

 2   Sydney Ex-Mormon Meetup and Support (

Founded Dec 16, 2013 by members of Mormon Outreach Ministries, Sydney

 [F]    Witnessing Resources

For effective witnessing understanding Mormon Terminology and Mormon culture is a must.  

 1   Understanding Mormon Terminology

(a) Terminological Differences between Mormonism and the Bible

(b) Grace redefined by the Mormon Church

(c) The Jesus Christ of the Mormon Church


 2   Understanding Mormon Culture

(a) The insularity of Mormon Culture 

(b) Mormon Couple Missionaries

(c) Where does "burning in the bosom" come from?

(d) What does the Mormon Church teach about polygamy?

(e) How should we welcome Mormons to our church activities?


 3   Witnessing Tools

(a) Tips for presenting the Gospel to Your Mormon Friends

(b) Presenting the Gospel to Your Mormon Friends

(c) Talking about James 2:14-16 with your Mormon Friends

(d) Book “Speaking The Truth in Love to Mormons” by Mark J Cares (
“Fast becoming recognized as one of the ‘classics’ in the field. “

(e) Visit Visit Mormon Outreach Ministry at Immanuel Bible Church in Virginia in USA
“Addressing contemporary Mormon religion from a biblical perspective. Encouraging Christian witness to Mormons…”